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The Essential Winter Car Accessory

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Many people that have to drive in winter weather may already know that there are some essential things to keep in your car at all times.  Some include extra clothes, jumper cables, road flares, bottled water, and gloves.  While these items will help you in the event that you get stuck, there are some other items that help to keep your car a little cleaner during the dreary and wet winter months.

Standard car mats may look nice and match your car, but they often don’t look that way for very long.  Just a few months of wet shoes soaked from winter snow, salt and grime can ruin a car mat.  Also, if you don’t dry them out regularly, they can start to smell.  You’ve invested so much into your car and want to keep it nice. To protect your car’s carpets and keep it looking new, you should invest in after market floor mats. While you could just go to the local auto parts store and pick up some cheap replacement, you will be disappointed to know that they will not protect your car very well.  Many of these mats are not custom to your car and will need to be modified to fit.

The Hexomat floor mat is an all weather car mat offered by Custom Auto Accessories.  It is a custom solution that will fit the exact make and model of your car.  It can be purchased in an array of colors and will keep your car’s carpets clean and dry.  They can also be customized to include a brand logo, owner initials or any other image that you can come up with.   The deep hexagon shaped grooves keep snow, dirt and mud off of your carpets.  The Hexomat features a lifetime warranty so you know it will keep your car protected winter after winter!