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Race Inspired Furniture

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

With the racing season upon us, how do you show your love for fast cars?  Many will have pennants of their favorite driver or team.  Others will have a shelf of collectible cars showing their alliance to the different types of racing and the world’s best drivers.

Sometimes showing you are a race fan is too tacky for your office.  You may not want a bunch of model cars and cardboard cutouts of drivers in your office.  A different way to show you are a true enthusiast is to get race inspired furniture.  But you don’t want something that is tacky and won’t fit into your office culture.  Who really wants to show off a car bumper that has been turned into a desk?  A real working office needs a real working desk and chair set.

Pit Stop Furniture now offers custom race inspired furniture that will show you are an enthusiast without sacrificing the class and sophistication of your work or home office.  Two styles of racing chairs are offered, which can be customized to meet the look you are seeking.  You can choose from either Formula One, or Grand Prix style chairs.  The Formula One chair allows you to customize the components to get the exact color scheme you are looking for.

To match the chair, Pit Stop Furniture also offers 3 variations of race inspired desks to complete the set. Choose from black, silver or red to match your chair.  For more information or to order please visit our race inspired furniture gallery.

Didn’t Get What You Wanted For Christmas This year?

Friday, February 5th, 2010

With the holiday season over, many men have already returned the ties, ugly sweaters and a swarm of other unwanted gifts. Now is the time to get something you really want or need.

For the auto enthusiast, having a home office decked out in automotive memorabilia can be a great way to celebrate this love affair. No home office would be complete without a great desk and chair combination. But you’re an enthusiast, so no standard desk and chair would fit in your man cave. Custom racing furniture from Pit Stop Furniture is the perfect way to complete your office. The race chair and desk combo were the recipients of the 2009 SEMA show global media “Best New Product” award.

Each component of the Formula One chair can be customized to give you the unique look you have been looking for. The Grand Prix chair comes in 3 different colors to match any décor that you may have in your office. Also available is the Race Desk. This desk also comes in 3 different colors to match chair options.

So, if you didn’t get what you wanted for the holidays this year, or you think the chair and desk would make a great addition, then check out our racing furniture , and other great products available at Custom Auto Accessories.